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Here you're going to find tips and resources on your iPhone photography skills and Instagram visuals.

One Hack to Make Your iPhone Photo Quickly Look Like A Stock Image

Have you ever wanted to take a quick stock photo for your blog or website with your iPhone? If so, you know that it can look much more professional with a DSLR camera. But you have no time and you need to make a quick post. So what do you do? You can make it happen...

Tutorial On How Snapseed Can Dramatically Change Your Ugly Photos

Have you ever taken a photo with your iPhone then realized the lighting was terrible and not appealing? If so, you know that it can be hard to recapture those moments you snap with your phone. What can we do to take an ugly photo and transform it? There’s one little...

How the Two-Thirds Rule Can Improve Your iPhone Photos Instantly

Have you ever tried to take a quick photo that looks amazing? If so, you'll know that it can be challenging to make it look beautiful before the editing process begins because of the lighting and focus. So, what do you do? Many people have found success by using the...

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