Have you ever wanted to take a quick stock photo for your blog or website with your iPhone? If so, you know that it can look much more professional with a DSLR camera. But you have no time and you need to make a quick post. So what do you do? You can make it happen and have success by using your iPhone photo and the Snapseed editing app. This post will share with you my personal hack on how I quick edit a photo to make it successfully look like a stock photo: professional and bright.

Here’s what you will need for this iPhone photo recipe:

  • Your iPhone (of course)
  • Snapseed app
  • White bed sheet or 2 white cardboard (found at dollar store)
  • Your object
  • Decent lighting
  • iPhone Photo

Set Up Your Object

Go ahead and set up your object on the cardboard pieces you bought. Basically, we are looking to get a nice white backdrop so the full focus is on the object. I am using my favorite coffee cup as the prop and will be placing it on the cardboard and quickly snapping my iPhone photo.





















Alright so I quickly snapped the photo and I am ready to start editing it on my Snapseed application. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, be sure to head over to the iTunes store.


Begin To Edit The iPhone Photo

Once you open the application you can tap your finger anywhere in the grey area to open up your desired photo.


Now that you hit the tool section on the bottom of the screen, you will be selecting the Snapseed tool called “tune image.” This tool allows you to finely tune the image in no time!

As you can see, I have used the brightness level in this photo almost to its maximum. I also contrasted it a bit to +23. The ambiance tool helps you balance the backlit photos and bring out contrasts in the photo. I highlighted it to bring the white even more so in this photo. I kept the warmth, saturation, and shadows to a complete minimum.



























Now head over to the Snapseed “brush tool.” Now I am going to lower the “dodge” effect to +5.


It’s faded it out now to +5. You can see the white part of the brushed.


I now went back to add more brightness and complete the photo. You can also increase the contrast a bit to bring out the object in the white canvas.

Closing Notes and Take Aways

Remember that the lighting you take the photo it will be part of the equation here. When I took this photo it was around 3 pm and it was a cloudy day. Especially if you are looking to take a stock photo with your photo, making sure the elements are all taken into consideration is essential.

iPhone photos are great as a quick tool, but in my opinion, the best stock photos are done on a DSLR. But I just love the way I am able to use the power of the iPhone and Snapseed to create an extremely similar effect. When you are on the go, this will be a powerful tool to use.

Now we are done, and ready to export the photo. Here is the before and after! What do you think?


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on using your iPhone to take a quick stock looking picture.

Let me know in the comments below! Or if you want to see another great before and after photo process, click here. 








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